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20 Minute Full Body Beginner Dumbbell Workout

Updated: Mar 2

Weight training is one of the BEST things women can do to boost their metabolism and build muscle tone.

This 20 minute full body dumbbell workout is great for beginners and will have you working your entire body while working up a sweat!

So grab a set of dumbbells and let’s get ready to rock it! 💪 20 Minute Full Body Beginner Dumbbell Workout

Equipment: Dumbbells

Rounds: 3 rounds

Timer: 35 seconds work | 15 seconds rest


  1. Wide Squat w/ Single Dumbbell

  2. Single Leg Step Back

  3. Single Leg Step Back (other side)

  4. Alternating Press w/ Knee Up

  5. Chest Press on Floor

  6. Pullover Crunch

  7. Superman Pulldown

2 Minute Finisher:

  1. Shoulder Cross Punches

  2. Squat Pulses


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