I'm Becky Fox

I’m a Certified Fitness & Nutrition Coach


I help women over 40 get fit and strong with simple nutrition and workouts they can do right home in 30 minutes or less.

I have over 18 years of experience in the industry coaching women just like you to get a fit body, have more energy, and live an active lifestyle.

Like many women out there

I’ve Tried All The Things

Two a day workouts, hard core bootcamps, running half marathons, slim fast shakes, cutting carbs, eating plain boring food, and practically starving myself in order to get in shape.

And while these things may have worked briefly, I found myself quickly burned out, overwhelmed and exhausted. These tactics just weren’t sustainable and were draining my energy and sapping the joy out of living a healthy life.

That is until I learned the power of short, effective metabolic workouts that didn’t leave me beat up and exhausted and simple nutrition that never left me feeling deprived or restricted. 

Living a healthy life shouldn’t feel like a burden but rather something that’s enjoyable and simple for it to stick.

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Come join the ongoing fitness community BFF Strong. Designed for women over 40 who want to get Fit & Strong!

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Come join the ongoing fitness community BFF Strong. Designed for women over 40 who want to get Fit & Strong!

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Lasting weight loss, quick & effective workouts, making nutrition and fitness simple so it works in anyone’s busy life.



Fad diets, quick fixes, deprivation, starving yourself, hours of cardio, beating yourself up, or tying worth into a scale 



Writing content that inspires, coaching amazing clients, walking at the beach, or reading a good book



Morning meditation, gratitude journal, lifting weights, eating lunch at the pool, and soaking up the Florida sun 


My Favorite Things


I love exploring new places, seeing new sights, and enjoying fun outdoor adventures. Especially this trip to Savannah! 

The Beach!

It’s my place of calm and relax and where my best ideas happen. Plus nothing beats putting my toes in the sand!

Tasty, delicious food!

Whether it’s eating out or cooking a new recipe, I love exploring healthy food…and splurging on tacos, pizza, or my all time favorite - anything chocolate!


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