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Bust Through the Plateau: 5 Powerful Strategies to Reignite Fat Loss

Updated: Mar 7

Bust Through the Plateau

"I overdid it exercising and injured myself.  Now I want to get back in the game, but I don’t know where to start."

Ever feel like you're doing everything right, but that darn scale just won't cooperate? 

You're slashing calories, eating all the healthy foods, breaking a sweat, and...nothing.

It's enough to make you want to throw that scale out the window, right?

Don't lose hope just yet. 

I've got five kick-ass strategies that will help you break the weight loss plateau and finally see the results you've been busting your butt for. 

Let's dive in!

#1 You’re eating healthy….BUT… It's about eating to optimize your metabolism for fat burning. 

Sure, eating that healthy granola bar may seem like a great choice. That is until you realize they're loaded with sugar and leave you ravenous 30 minutes later.

So while making healthier choices is important, it's not the be all, end all.

What's often left out of the eating equation, is eating in a balanced way that optimizes your metabolism and hormones.

And that means getting in a balance of protein, fiber, healthy fats, and yes, even carbs at each meal! 

Picture this: 

Your blood sugar levels stay steady, keeping you energized and focused throughout the day. You feel satisfied after each meal. Those hunger pangs and pesky cravings disappear. You're not starving 30 minutes after your "healthy snack".

And here's the best part…

With balanced meals, you're giving your body the nutrients it needs to rev up your metabolism and ignite your fat-burning furnace.

Say goodbye to storing fat and hello to torching it!


#2 Not All Workouts Are Created Equal

Let's get real for a second, shall we? 

You've been mislead.

Mislead by the fitness & dieting industry to believe, "Cardio is the holy grail of fat loss." 

But here's what you may not know...

Racking up calories on your fitness tracker or running like a hamster on a wheel won't fast track those pounds melting away. 

In fact, cardio is the least effective way to lose weight!

Plus, too much cardio can put your body under too much stress, raising cortisol, and causing it to cling to fat!

Sure, cardio burns calories while you're at it, but the moment you stop sweating, the fat-burning party comes to a screeching halt. 

But fear not, because there's a secret weapon in your fat-fighting arsenal.

Enter: strength training.

It's like the superhero of fat burning. When you strength train, you're not only building muscles but also revving up your metabolism. 

And guess what? 

That means your body becomes a calorie-burning furnace even after you're done with your workout. It's known as the afterburn effect, and those are important numbers that don't show on your calorie tracker.

It's like a hidden superhero, working its magic behind the scenes. 

So, if you're not already hitting the gym for some serious strength training at least 3-4 times a week, you're missing out.

Those results you've been yearning for? 

Yep, the dumbbells are calling your name!

#3 Catch Some Zzz's for a Slimmer Waistline

I know what you're thinking. 

What does sleep have to do with shedding those extra pounds? Well, turns out, it's more important than you might think!

If you're struggling to lose weight and you're not clocking in a solid 7-8 hours of shut-eye, you're missing out on some serious fat-burning action.

Now, I get it. 

We live in a world that glorifies sleep deprivation.  But let me tell you, it's doing you more harm than good. When we skimp on sleep, our hormones go haywire. 

Leptin and ghrelin, the hunger and fullness regulators, get out of control.

And you know what that means? 

Rampant cravings, heightened hunger, and willpower that's as weak as a wet noodle.

Ever noticed how your midday carb cravings go through the roof after a sleepless night? Yep, blame those hormonal troublemakers!

It's an uphill battle to stick to a healthy eating plan when you're running on fumes. No wonder you find yourself giving in to cravings, feeling drained, and struggling to stay energized during workouts.

And guess what? Your waistline pays the price too.

So, let's turn this around, shall we? 

Start by bidding farewell to your late-night TV marathons. 

Set a consistent sleep schedule and give yourself time to unwind before slipping under the covers.

Let's make sleep a priority, just like diet and exercise. It's the secret weapon you've been missing in your quest for a slimmer waistline!

#4 Bye Bye Superwoman! It's Time to Embrace Imperfection

You're probably thinking, "Wait, isn't being Superwoman a good thing?"

Well, if you have endless energy and it brings you joy every single second, then sure, go ahead.

But let's be real here. That's not most of us.

The pressure to be perfect, please everyone, and put yourself last is causing stress levels that your body isn't meant to handle.

And guess what? 

This stress is wreaking havoc on your body by ramping up your cortisol levels and telling your body to store fat, especially that belly fat! 

Stress comes in all shapes and sizes - overloading ourselves with responsibilities, overdoing the cardio, or surrounding ourselves with toxic people. 

It's rarely talked about in the health and fitness world, but it's about time we address it. If you don't find ways to manage stress and take care of yourself, your fat loss will suffer. 

So, it's time to start putting yourself first and letting go of what doesn't bring you joy.

There are countless ways to do this...

  • Learn to say no to things that don't light you up inside.

  • Start asking for what you need, loud and clear.

  • Surround yourself with uplifting people who have your back.

  • Take a leisurely stroll and soak up nature's beauty.

  • Embrace quiet reflection through journaling, meditation, deep breathing, or simply expressing gratitude.

  • Finally take up that hobby you've been eyeing for ages.

Remember, life is meant to be enjoyed. 

The more happiness you find, the more progress you'll naturally make. 

#5 Say Goodbye to that Pesky Scale!

Seriously, just toss it in the trash. 

I've been in the coaching game for 18 years, and I've seen this scenario play out more times than I can count.

You're all pumped up about your progress. Your clothes are feeling looser, the inches are melting away, and people are noticing the slimming effect. 

Plus, you've got stamina, strength, and energy for days!

But then, you step on that scale, and it's like a punch to the gut. It hasn't budged. Cue the overwhelming feelings of depression, frustration, and sadness. 

But here's the thing.

The scale can be a sneaky little devil. It doesn't always show the whole truth.  In fact, fat loss and weight loss are not one and the same!

When you're doing all the right things – lifting weights, staying active, eating balanced meals, catching those Zs, and managing stress – and your clothes are fitting better - you're on the right track!

You're losing fat, even if the scale doesn't want to show it.

You're gaining muscle, and that's a game-changer for your health, strength, and metabolism! 

So let's not let that liar of a scale ruin your day or overshadow the progress you've worked so hard for. 

Wrapping Up!

As a woman over 40, hitting that weight loss plateau can be a real buzzkill.  

Those Silent Battles

Late at night, when your brain is on overdrive, you might catch yourself thinking,

"Why is this so damn hard? I've tried everything!"

"Will I ever break free from this never-ending loop?"

I feel you! Those thoughts can be suffocating.  But let me tell you, it's totally normal to feel frustrated. 

Your annoyance is as real as it gets when you're putting in all that effort and not seeing the scale budge.

But hold up, take a second to acknowledge your effort and perseverance. It takes guts to keep going and seek a way out. That tells me you've got what it takes and that deserves an applause.

A Pep Talk for the Warrior Within

Remember why you started this journey in the first place. You wanted a healthier, happier version of yourself, right? Well, reigniting that fat loss journey comes with a whole lotta perks. 

Embrace the strategies we've been through together - the power of balanced meals, the power of strength training, the powerful effects of sleep, and the importance of choosing less perfectionism.

These strategies are your secret weapons to kick that plateau's butt and take control of your weight loss journey.

A Final Word

As we wrap up, I want you to picture a future where you've crushed that weight loss plateau. 

See yourself standing tall, oozing confidence, and inspiring others with your amazing progress. Let that image fuel your fire, knowing that you've got what it takes to conquer any obstacle.

Now, it's time to rise. Rise above the doubts, the setbacks, and that stubborn plateau. 

It's time to reignite your fat loss journey and become the best damn version of yourself. 

You've got this, and I'm right here, cheering you on every step of the way.

💕Becky Fox

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