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To women over 40 who are ready to get back on track with a structured fitness plan that isn’t designed for 20-year-olds!

Get Fit, Toned And Finally Stay Consistent With Your Workouts


No more staring at the screen looking at a workout thinking, "I'll NEVER be able to do THAT! with my body!"

Finally, stay accountable and feel energized after completing short 30-minute strength training workouts you can do right at home with just a set of dumbbells!

Hi Friend,

Craving a simple, structured workout routine that helps you build your fitness, strength, and consistency…


AND works for your age and fitness level?


Then this program will show you how.


But first…a quick question: 


Does the following sound familiar?


You decided to improve your fitness after being inactive for a while…


BUT...It feels like every program or exercise routine you take part in is designed for someone 20-30 years younger. Ouch!!

Maybe you're worried another intense workout program will leave you injured or unbearably sore for 4 days after your workout.


Or you've been working out... But you're having a hard time finding the time for the 2-hour cardio workout you're “supposed” to do every day...


Leading to you only workout every few weeks when you "get around to it."


Sometimes pushing it off for months!


Then you completely lose focus, feeling defeated and losing hope that you'll ever get the body that matches the inspirational picture on the fridge.


In the end you persuade yourself to do it, but you dread every moment.


AND you hate that you don't feel like yourself anymore.


You want to regain the fitness, strength and agility you had when you were younger. And look more toned all over.


You wish you could say "yes, let’s do it" to every one of your little ones who want to play tag or run up a hill and back down again...with you!

But instead... you say: "Why don't you show me how fast you can get up the hill, I'll watch from here, ok?"

Or wish you could just have fun hiking up the hillside, enjoying the scenery…


BUT instead, you need a break every 15 minutes to "catch your breath".... Your family goes ahead while someone stays behind with you ... so you don't feel so alone as you lag behind.

You dread beach and pool activities and wish you could burn that oversize black t-shirt that clings to your body as if to show everyone how out of shape you are and walk out in confidence, knowing you look damn good in your swimsuit!

Or maybe you want to just go horseback riding without your family having to help you get on the horse while they giggle, laugh, and tease you about it for days afterward.

If any of this felt familiar in any way…

Then I’ve got some good news for you:

Join me for the next 60 days in my Fit + Strong Workout Accountability Challenge that will help you work out consistently, take the guesswork out of when and how to work out for best results, save time with quick, effective workouts, and get support on your journey.

30 Mins Daily + Strength Training Workouts + Structured Plan = Results!


“Thank goodness I started Becky’s workouts! I was able to do every single workout in full and not feel like a truck hit me the next day! SCORE!”

“These exercise videos are the only ones I've ever used that I actually enjoyed, and that I was able to keep up with!”

“I've been able to get solid workouts at home without bouncing around, knowing pictures would fall off the wall or spending a fortune on equipment!!!

The 60-Day Fit + Strong Low-Impact Home Fitness Program is designed to help you in 3 areas:

#1 Get Toned!

Imagine all your friends eyeing your toned definition and confidently taking off that old familiar baggy t-shirt you no longer need at the beach!


#2 Get Fit!

Picture yourself being able to do all the fun summer activities like hiking, biking, outrunning the waves at the beach with a little one on your back, or just having more fun being active without being out of breath within seconds or sitting on the sidelines while opportunities to connect in fun ways with the little ones pass you by.

#3 Get Energized!

Finish your workout feeling 10 years younger and stronger than ever before. Ready to tackle the messy kitchen, cook something delicious, and have enough energy to spend quality time with your family instead of plopping on the couch.


Hi, I’m Becky Fox, Fat Loss & Fitness Coach

In my late 30’s, I ended up with a back injury that left me limited in my workouts for nearly 9 months. I was frustrated and for the first time felt old in my body. Getting back into a routine was tough.


As much as my brain wanted me to jump back right where I left off with my workouts pre-injury, my body was telling me a different story. The jarring and jumping just didn’t feel right. Every time I tried to work out like 20 year old Becky, my back would flare up again, putting me out of commission for days,  just when I thought things were finally healed. 


So I had to let go of how I thought I “should” be working out and instead started listening to my body. I realized that challenging myself and getting strong again didn’t mean having to do intense, high impact workouts. 


In fact, I started focusing more on lower impact strength training and moves that felt right for my body. And not only did I start to notice my strength and definition coming back, but I was less drained and more energized from my workouts! 


I was getting results and felt amazing in the process.

And so I’ve made it my mission to share with other women what I’ve learned over the last 19 years as a fitness coach - that we don’t have to beat up our bodies to reach our goals. That working out like we’re still 20 years old is only doing us a disservice that creates inconsistency and frustration.

So If You're Tired of:

Demanding Workout Routines

Aggressive workout programs that leave you sore for 4-5 days afterward, barely able to sit down without wincing in pain or that make you feel like you need to be an athlete to keep up. And you’re not a quitter, yet you know it’s just too much for your fitness level and you need something different.

Mentally Exhausting Gym Experience!

You’ve tried the gyms but it feels overwhelming and confusing. How do you know what really works or what you should even be doing? Plus, the extra time it takes to drive there or the people staring at you only adds to the stress of working out.

Lack of Daily Routine

You’re tired of wasting time scrolling through millions of workouts on YouTube trying to decide which one to do. You thrive on structure and crave a plan that would tell you what specific workout to do each day.

Doing This All Alone With No Support

There’s nothing like having big goals, and life happens and you’re off track. Nobody to cheer you on when you need it the most. You’ve tried to keep yourself accountable…only to lose momentum after two weeks of going at it alone. You’re ready for a community to cheer you on!


Join Fit + Strong! 

For Busy Women Over 40 Committed To Taking The Steps To Create A Toned & Fit Body.


Know Exactly What Workout To Do Every Day!

This program is designed to help you take CONSISTENT action without feeling like you can't keep it up in the long run!

Progressive Strength Training Workouts


  • Fit + Strong starts with 3 follow-along workouts a week and progresses into 4 workouts per week as you get stronger and build stamina.

  • The workouts are designed to save you time (done in just 30 minutes a day) and create a progressive challenge over the course of the program so that you get noticeably stronger, leaner, and fitter!

  • Each video has a sound prompt and a quick break for easy transition between exercises. You also have the option to watch the video with music or without music.

Structured Workout Plan

  • The workouts are laid out in a calendar so you know exactly which workouts to do on which day. No more guessing or spending hours scrolling through YouTube or Reels trying to find your next workout (and hoping it will even be what you need to get results!).

  • This program includes 3 or 4 strength sessions per week. It’s important you are able to commit to at least 3 days per week to see results from this program.

  • Additionally, you’ll receive a printable workout handout so you can take notes and track your weights to see your progress over time!

Form Videos With Modifications

  • Each workout comes with a walk-through demonstration that breaks down each movement with form tips and modifications. So even if you’re new to exercise or need to modify due to achy joints, you’ll feel confident doing the exercises and have options that work for your unique fitness level and body.

  • These are short 5-minute videos, that are quick to watch and that allow you to get the most out of the workouts. Additionally, if you prefer you can use the demo and the handout to do the workouts on your own if you prefer instead of the follow-along video.

Warm-Up & Stretch Routines

  • The workouts are spaced out to allow time for recovery in between workouts, because it’s not about pushing more & harder. Our bodies strengthen and sculpt in between the workouts and so allowing time for recovery is just as important as the workouts themselves.

  • And since flexibility is an important part of preventing injury and recovering from your workouts, every program includes follow-along warm-ups you can complete before your workouts to fire up those muscles and we also have a weekly stretch routine you can follow along with for your active recovery days.

Watch on any device, anytime!

  • Want to have access to our workout content anytime, anywhere? No problem! All you need is a device with an internet browser or casting device, and voila, you're in! You'll also have a full library of all past workout videos and programs to revisit anytime. All videos are ad-free videos!!! 

But Wait There's MORE!

Support & Community

Not only will you get a structured workout program designed to get results, you’ll also get support and accountability inside the private Facebook community filled with like-minded women there to lift you up and support you on your journey! Research shows that when we are surrounded by others that inspire us and hold us to a higher standard, it accelerates our results and helps us show up more consistently. It’s one of the secret keys to staying consistent, inspired, and on track!

Guidance & Coaching

Chances are you’re going to have questions. Questions about the workouts or specific exercises. That’s why you’ll also be able to ask questions and get feedback anytime in the Facebook community group and get an answer from Becky. This isn’t just a workout program but a fitness-minded community where you’ll also get the guidance and coaching you need to be successful!

Designed For Woman Needing Age Appropriate, Yet Challenge Workouts That Get Results

And all you need is a set of dumbbells & workout mat. Whoop!

And these workouts can be done at home (You’ll just need your Wifi, a phone or a computer to access the pre-recorded videos).

Simple, Effective Workouts

  1. Working out like we did in our 20s leads to exhaustion, burnout and injury. Yikes!


    Our bodies weren't meant to jump around and do crazy, intense exercises that put all that stress on our joints and hormonal systems!

  2. Forget the burpee and squat jumps!


    We'll do low-impact movements that will help you feel strong in your body without the stress on your joints, and you’ll feel energize afterwards instead of depleted.

Beginner To Intermediate Focused For Women Who Are Just Getting Back Into A Routine

If you’re coming off a hiatus, due to injury, illness or the busyness of life…this is for you! This program will ease you in with simple moves without the overwhelm.


If you have already started working out but lack the knowledge on how to effectively build muscle and get toned, this program is for you.


If you've been working out for a while and know some techniques, but have trouble exercising consistently and getting results, this is for you!

Here’s the thing:

Doing the same workout over and over again is a snooze fest, but not only that it keeps you from getting results by plateauing your progress. 


Our workouts come with a lot of variety and a progressive challenge over time to make sure you’re always giving your body what it needs to get to the next level.

You may experience fat loss…HOWEVER:

​Some women may experience fat loss during this challenge, but workouts alone only have a small impact on fat loss outcomes.

For successful fat loss, workouts need to be combined with an eating and lifestyle plan that includes eating habits, sleep, managing stress, and overcoming the mental blocks that often keep women stuck.

Please note: meal plans, nutrition or diet related advice is not included in this program.

Stay On Track With Our Accountability Group!


If you're like me and have a busy life and need something that inspires and holds you accountable to improve your health, then the private, exclusive Facebook group is the perfect place to meet during the 60 Days!


There's nothing better than having a group of women just like you cheering you on in your fitness journey.


They'll help you stay motivated and achieve your goals along with daily group check-ins from our accountability coaches!

Some Extra Goodies To Keep You On Track With Your Goals!

Past failures are never an indicator of future failures, if so then I might as well just quit dating for good 🤣. 


Often I find women have just never been given a simple plan that works for their busy lives or they didn’t have support and accountability on their journey. 


That’s why I make sure to give you all the tools to be successful and will even be sharing my top strategies to help you overcome the mental roadblocks that may come your way on your journey!


Here’s some of the extra’s you’ll be getting:


8 Cardio Routines

$30 value

Sometimes you just need to get out and move in a different way. That's why Becky created these bonus cardio routines to help you have more fun moving your body on rainy days or when you get bored of the elliptical.


8 Cool-Down & Stretch Routines

$30 value

Stretching is super important to make your workouts more efficient and safer. Becky has put together 8 Stretch Routines to help you improve your flexibility, reduce tension, and stiffness in your neck, back, and legs.


Over 40 Fitness Training Guide

$30 value

This bonus downloadable pdf guide answer all your top questions about working out such as what weight to use, how often to workout for best results, should you workout barefoot, or how to stay motivated & consistent with your workouts.


Live Zoom Kickoff Call

$100 value

Happening at the start of the program to give you all the tools to stay consistent, overcome hurdles, and be successful with your workout plan.


Weekly Facebook Lives With Becky

$800 value

Becky will be hopping in the Facebook Group live each week to answer common questions & challenges and share inspiring messages to help guide you on your journey!

Let’s Recap!

Simple 30-minute workouts you can stay consistent with!

Structured plan to take the guesswork out of what to do and when.

Follow along, pre-recorded workouts you can easily cast to your TV.

Printable calendar and handouts to track your progress.

All you need is a set of dumbbells & workout mat.

Workout whenever it fits into your busy life.

Exercise modifications designed to match your fitness level

Warm-ups, cool-down and bonus cardio workouts included!

Workout daily with others like you, in the private Facebook Accountability community!

Ok, Becky, much?

Working with Becky Fox on a 1:1 basis costs $1500/mo for 3 days a week for a minimum of 3 months.

Joining Fit & Strong is like having Becky in your home guiding and helping you step by step but without having the price tag that goes with it. The only difference is, instead of her driving to your home, and trying to find a time that works for both of you...

You just log in to her online platform anytime of the day, in any room of your house...or even outside.

Choose the workout for the day...

AND simply follow Becky as she demonstrates the moves, and shows you exactly how long you need each one...AND you'll be having a ton of fun...even your entire family will want to join in!

Want to join others like you, and get Fit + Strong together?

But today you get access to all of this for less than $3/day!

Choose the payment option that works best for you to join Fit + Strong!


One-Time Payment of


  • Simple, doable 30-minute workouts you can do on your own schedule!

  • Workout at home with just a set of dumbbells

  • A structured strength training plan to take the guesswork out of what to do and how to get results

  • EARLY BIRD BONUS: 14-Day Travel Plan & Motivation Masterclass ($230 value)

  • BONUS #1: Fitness Training Guide! ($50 value)

  • BONUS #2: Bonus Cool-Down & Cardio Routines ($60 value)

  • BONUS#3: Live Zoom Kickoff Coaching Call w/ Becky ($100 value)

  • BONUS #4: Weekly Coaching Lives w/ Becky ($800 value)

2 Monthly Payments of


  • Simple, doable 30-minute workouts you can do on your own schedule!

  • Workout at home with just a set of dumbbells

  • A structured strength training plan to take the guesswork out of what to do and how to get results

  • EARLY BIRD BONUS: 14-Day Travel Plan & Motivation Masterclass ($230 value)

  • BONUS #1: Fitness Training Guide! ($50 value)

  • BONUS #2: Bonus Cool-Down & Cardio Routines ($60 value)

  • BONUS#3: Live Zoom Kickoff Coaching Call w/ Becky ($100 value)

  • BONUS #4: Weekly Coaching Lives w/ Becky ($800 value)

    Absolutely!! So many women struggle to lose weight because they try to restrict calories or food groups. This results is a slowed metabolism and stalled results. These recipes are filled with the right balance of ingredients to turbo charge your metabolism and burn more calories.
    Unfortunately, this is not a vegetarian or vegan focused cookbook. I personally believe eating meat from animal sources is part of a healthy, balanced diet. Many of the recipes do include meat or eggs; however, there are some recipes that don’t such as our smoothies, sides, and snacks. Additionally, for our meat-based recipes you can easily swap out for a meat-free protein to make it work for you.
    I get it, you don’t want to spend your entire weekend hunting down ingredients you’ve never heard of. These recipes use common ingredients that can be found in most grocery stores along with lots of fresh, easy to find produce and meats.
    Absolutely not! I know you’re busy and the last thing you want to do is feel like a part-time chef when you already have a lot on your plate. So that’s why I’ve created meals that are simple and easy to create in just minutes. Plus, many of these meals can also be made ahead or cooked in larger batches so you have leftovers to enjoy the next day.
    All recipes are free of gluten, dairy, soy, yeast and peanuts. I’ve also included a variety of egg-less breakfast options if you don’t tolerate eggs or just don’t like them. For other allergies, many of the ingredients can be left out or there’s so many options to choose from you can find another recipe that easily works for you!
    These meals are healthy for the whole family, whether or not they are trying to lose weight. And you may be surprised at how much they enjoy the taste too! For family members looking to lose weight, these recipes will help you to boost their metabolism and for others that aren’t, they help maintain a healthy metabolism and body.
    No. The recipe books and bonus guides are 100% digital. After purchasing, you’ll receive instant access to all your downloads which can be viewed on a computer, mobile device, or tablet. Additionally, we've included instructions on how you can easily get your cookbook printed if you wish to.
    I know the last thing you want is a grocery bill that costs an arm and a leg, but eating healthy doesn’t have to break the bank. These meals are so delicious you’ll spend less money from dining out and you’ll feel so full and satisfied from these meals you’ll find that you’ll be eating less than you were before.

It's Time To Make A Decision!

If you’ve come this far, I know you’re tired of spinning your wheels on workouts that waste your time and don’t get results.

So let’s take the leap so you can finally get the strength, stamina, and fit body you know you deserve!

We can make excuses all day about why it’s not the right time or what else you can be spending your money on…

But the truth is the more you put off taking focused action, the further away you are moving from your goals. So don’t look back next year and wish you had started back when!

If you’re serious about getting results, it’s time to do something different. So kick those excuses to the curb because they aren’t doing you any favors.

It’s up to you now to make the decision to show up as who you want to be, not who you’ve been.

So click that button below and let’s do this together!

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