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becky fox fitness

Fitness & fat loss coaching for midlife women ready to get strong & fit without the burnout. Feel amazing in your body at any age! 

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Get Fit & Strong In Just 30 Minutes a Day

Inside BFF Strong, you'll lose the inches, get strong, and feel amazing in your body with a plan that works for your fitness level and age so you can finally end the start-stop cycle!

Support, Structure & Accountability That Makes Starting Over A Thing Of The Past!

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I'm Becky Fox

A certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach with over 19 years experience coaching women to get that fit body so they can live an active, energized lifestyle.


I help women over 40 get fit and strong with simple nutrition strategies and doable workouts done in 30 minutes or less.

Like many women out there, I’ve tried all the things. Two a day workouts, hard core bootcamps, running half marathons, slim fast shakes, cutting carbs, eating plain boring food, and practically starving myself in order to get in shape. And while these things may have worked briefly, I found myself quickly burned out, overwhelmed, or injured more times than I care to count. These tactics just weren’t sustainable and were draining my energy and sapping the joy out of living a healthy life.


That is until I learned the power of short, effective strength training workouts alongside simple, sustainable nutrition that never left me feeling deprived or starving.

And it’s why I’m so pumped to share what I’ve learned with women like you. Because living a healthy life shouldn’t feel like a burden but rather something that’s enjoyable and simple to stick to for life!

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BFF Strong: Virtual Fitness Community


Metabolism Boosting Meals

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Unlock Your Metabolism

Get strong & fit in just 30 minutes (or less a day) with the BFF Strong Fitness Community designed specifically for midlife women looking for simple, quick workouts that are gentle on the joints & body!

Mouthwatering Recipes That Speed Up The Way Your Body Burns Fat

↠ Speed up fat burning and deplete your energy levels.

↠ Without eliminating your favorite foods from your diet!

↠ With over 100 simple, delicious recipes to choose from!

Free Live 2 Day Training designed to help women over 40 simplify fat loss without starving on low calorie diets, giving up carbs, or depriving yourself of sweet treats.

Discover the secrets to firing up your metabolism and dropping 25+ lbs (even if nothing has worked before!)


Download The "Fire Up Your Metabolism" Guide!

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