7 Minute Low Impact Standing Warm Up

yoga + stretching workouts Oct 06, 2023

Before you start any workout, it's important to warm up and get the body ready. 

Warm up exercises like this help prevent injuries, increase range of motion and flexibility, and allow you to get the most out of your workouts.

With this 7 minute low impact standing warm up, you’ll be ready to rock your workout and you can do it right at home before any cardio or strength workout. 

Equipment: None

Rounds: 1 round

Timer: Complete each move for 30 seconds


  1. Hip Leg Swing

  2. Hip Leg Swing (other side)

  3. Hip Cross Overs

  4. Hip Cross Overs (other side)

  5. Alternating Glute Squeezes

  6. Hip to Calf

  7. (other side)

  8. Side to Side Lunge w/ Reach

  9. Squat w/ Twist Reach

  10. Squat w/ Twist Reach (other side)

  11. Squat with Overhead Circle

  12. Alternating Shoulder Circles Back

  13. Alternating Circles Forward

  14. ½ Jack

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